Rental Conditions

Terms and conditions

By using or accessing our La Taha, you acknowledge that you agree to and are subject to the following terms and conditions. You should read through all the terms carefully. These terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you and La Taha.

1. Arrival and departure

As a rule, tenants are to check in and out on a Saturday. The accommodation you've rented is available as of 16:00 on the day your rental period starts, and you're required to leave the premises on the last day of the rental period before 10:00. We kindly request you to plan your arrival time at the house between 16:00-19:00. If this is not possible, you are to notify La Taha or the owner in due time of the expected arrival time. If you fail to inform La Taha or the owner in time (i.e. before 10:00 at the latest on the day of arrival) that your arrival time differs from the scheduled time, there may be an additional charge for meeting you. The same applies if you don't inform us at all.

2. Your booking

In principle, the booking form on our website should be used, but in consultation with our offices you can also make a booking by telephone or by e-mail. Booking procedures as mentioned are binding for the client. Please, note that bookings made through the internet are final. The so-called 'cooling-off period' as stated in the 'remote buying' Act, doesn't apply to holiday rentals through our website. As soon as the owner agrees to a booking, we'll send you a confirmation by e-mail including the invoice.

3. Prices

Our prices are usually 'all inclusive'. Other than the rental price that is stated on our website, you only pay an additional €30 for booking fees (and if applicable, additional cost for insurance coverage of cancellation). In some cases there'll be an extra charge for e.g. the use of air condition etc. This should always be mentioned on the site at the description of the house and will have to be paid on location (like the damage deposit). The use of bed linen, bath towels and tea towels is inclusive; as is the use of water, gas and electric, unless mentioned otherwise in the description on the website. For the use of wood/logs for the open fireplace and/or wood burning stove you'd usually be required to pay a certain fee to the owner or his/her contact (depending on your actual use).
The use of bed linen, bath towels and tea towels is included in the rental price. This also applies to the use of water, gas and electricity, unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the description of the holiday rental. There's an extra charge for logs for the open fireplace and/or wood burning stove, payable directly to the owner or his/her contact and based on the actual use of such. If the house has an additional gas heater, the first gas cylinder is included in the rental price.

4. Number of guests

The rental price is based on a specific number of guests, but there is often room for one or more guests. If specified in the price quotation, additional guests are charged extra per person. In the quotation you'll find the basic amount as well as the maximum amount of guests that the house can accommodate. E.g.: the entry 2 / 4 means that the price is for two persons, but that there'd be room for four. Babies under the age of 1 until the date of departure are not included as a tenant.

5. Payment

The total rental amount has to be transferred to our account within 5 working days after receipt of the rental confirmation/invoice. The booking fee is € 30 per booking. After receipt of your payment, we'll be mailing you the voucher and all necessary details.

Payment to be made out to:
Name: Taha S.C.
IBAN: ES58 2100 4188 1022 0014 6373

6. Payment in instalments and short-term payments

Payment in full:
• We'd like to request you to transfer the total rental amount in one lump sum.

Payment in instalments:
• The first payment is set at 30% of the total rental amount (including the booking fee and any cost of a cancellation insurance policy).
• The remaining 70% of the total rental amount falls due 8 weeks before the start of the rental period at the latest and in one lump sum.

Bookings made within 8 weeks before the start of the rental period:
• Payment is due in one lump sum a.s.a.p.

Bookings at short notice (i.e. within 3 weeks of the start of the rental period):
• Payment immediately upon receipt of the confirmation/invoice.
• A receipt of your transfer has to be sent to La Taha either by e-mail or WhatsApp.

7. Cancellation by tenant

Cancellations have to be confirmed to La Taha by telephone and in writing.

Cancellation fees:
30% of the rental price for cancellations up to 8 weeks before the initial start of the rental period 75% of the rental price for cancellations within 8 to 4 weeks before the initial start of the rental period 100% (entire rental price) for cancellations within 3 weeks before the initial start of the rental period

You can insure yourself for the cost of cancellation. Other than travel insurance, we urgently advise you to also have an insurance policy covering the cost of cancellation.

8. Insurance coverage

La Taha recommends that you always take out travel and cancellation insurance, regardless of whether you are going on a long- or short-term vacation. After all, something can always happen that forces you to postpone, cancel or abort your trip. The costs associated with such a calamity can amount to 100 percent of the rent. Europeesche Verzekeringen's insurance policies reimburse such costs.

9. Cancellation by La Taha

If La Taha is forced to cancel a booking through no fault by herself, La Taha is bound to offer the tenant similar accommodation at a similar price. In case this isn't possible, La Taha will reimburse the rental payment as transferred earlier, but without compensation for any loss or damage.

10. Swimming pools

Unless stated otherwise, swimming pools on the premises can be used from April 1 until November 1.

11. Pets

In some of the holiday rentals pets are allowed. With the search option on our website, you can find out in which houses pets are permitted. At the booking you'll always have to state whether you're taking one or more pets with you. The pet fee is a minimum of € 20 per week, per pet.

12. Cleaning service

The fee for the final cleaning of the house is included in the price. We do expect however that you tidy the house before leaving: i.a. sweep the floors, do the dishes, remove the bed linen etc.

13. Water

During periods of drought, especially in summer, it may happen that in a village the supply of water will be closed for shorter or longer time on any one day. In emergencies it can also happen that the flow of electricity stagnates for a few hours. La Taha cannot be held liable for this.

14. Complaints

Should there be any complaints in spite of our careful selection and regular inspections of the premises, the tenant must first contact the home owner or his/her contact. If the complaint is not dealt with satisfactorily, the tenant is to immediately confer with La Taha. In case of an early exit from the house, without prior consultation and mutual agreement, La Taha is exempt from any obligation to compensate.Complaints not satisfactorily resolved, have to be submitted to La Taha in writing within one week after completion of the rental period.

15. Liability

15.1 La Taha does not act as travel agent. We simply provide a service to rent an accommodation and to provide you with the needed information.

15.2 During his/her stay the tenant is liable for the premises, the interior and all objects belonging to the rented property. Any damage caused by the tenant or joint tenants should immediately be reported and compensated to the owner or his/her contact. Before your departure, the owner or his/her contact is entitled to inspect the accommodation. The holiday rental is only to be used by the tenant(s) and co-tenant(s); it's never allowed to sublet the property or use the holiday accommodation for other purposes.

15.3 Except for legal responsibility, La Taha is never liable for loss, theft, and/or injury and damages, caused to or by tenants of houses contracted by La Taha and is therefore limited to the amount that was paid for the rental. La Taha is never liable for indirect damages, including consequential damage in any event and missed savings.

15.4 Obvious mistakes or errors in description or prices of the holiday rentals offered by La Taha, are not binding for La Taha. La Taha is not liable for interim changes in data and prices. The (price) information on the site is determining. Any (price) information published at an earlier date becomes void. All property information is provided in good faith. However, as the information provided is maintained directly by the property owners, La Taha does not warrant that the information provided is accurate.

15.5 We take pride in our service and are continually striving to make it better. La Taha reserves the right to change or remove (temporarily or permanently) any part of the website without notice and you confirm that La Taha shall not be liable to you for any such change or removal. La Taha reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and you confirm to accept these changes in your continued use of the website.

15.6 La Taha is not liable for damage caused by extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, pandemics, nuclear disasters, attacks, strikes, violence and other external factors.

15.7 It may happen that in the vicinity of your holiday house activities take place such as building construction, road construction or other activities. La Taha is not liable for any inconvenience this might entail.

15.8 Our rental conditions are subject to Dutch law. Any disputes must be submitted to a competent court in the Netherlands.

16. Access to the website

Subject to the terms and conditions, La Taha grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to access and use the website and its contents, if you accept these terms and conditions. La Taha is only for personal non-commercial use. You agree not to interrupt or attempt to interrupt the website in any way.

17. Links to third party websites

La Taha may include links to third party websites that are controlled and maintained by others. Any link to other websites is not an endorsement of such websites and you acknowledge and agree that La Taha is not responsible for the content or availability of any such websites.

18. Copyright

18.1 All copyrights, trademarks, and other property rights on La Taha are owned by or licensed to La Taha, or otherwise used by La Taha as permitted by law.
18.2 In accessing the website, you agree that you will access the content solely for your personal non-commercial use. None of the content may be downloaded, copied, reproduced, transmitted, stored, sold, or distributed without the prior consent of the copyright beholder.

19. Warranty

We warrant that the site will be provided with reasonable care and skill with the intention of meeting our technical specifications for the site. However, we cannot and do not guarantee that the site or any of its content or functions will meet your requirements. We do not warrant that the website, its content, and its functions, will be error free, uninterrupted or virus free, although we will take reasonable steps to avoid this. In addition, you acknowledge and agree that any transmission to and from the website is not confidential and your communications may be read or intercepted by others.